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Vines and Terroirs is founded by Charles Soulisse Plou and Valentin Maurel, the two heirs of expert winemaker families in France,

Charles Soulisse Plou is part of the 20th generation of the Plou Family, whose roots stem from the Loire Valley (www.plouetfils.com). Charles created the brand Imperial Cognac.

Valentin Maurel is part of the 11th generation of the Maurel Family who produce wine in Provence (www.astros.fr). He also created the brand Minuit Rose (www.minuit-rose.com), which is distributed world wide.

Vines and terroirs is naturally specialised in French wines from Loire and Provence and we carefully expand our list through our connections with winemakers from other regions of France and across countries in Europe.

“We try our best to innovate within the tradition of our families by adapting our products and promotion channels to both new generations and upcoming markets.”

Our aim at Vines and Terroirs is to be the closest link to winemakers and the French Terroirs. Our company is willing to seek the lowest yields in the different Estates and bring to you an authentic experience of the terroir.

Our partners are delighted to invite you to visit your favourite wineries from our selection in France.

We are hosting a broad range of events, from Michelin Stars Wine dinners to rooftop parties and boat trips which help our reputation on the market continue to grow. We promote our wines efficiently and effectively to both B to B and final customers.

Our Rose Wine selection is the largest in Asia and we are proud to be the biggest player in Hong Kong in this specialised area.

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Direct Line: (+852) 2618 9907 Email: info@vinesandterroirs.com Our business hours are 9.30am – 5.30pm From Monday to Friday including public holidays.


We deliver as for a minimum of 12 bottles and it can be a mixed case of different bottles. The customer will be entitled to free delivery service according to the volume ordered. Delivery to Macau can be arranged within 2 days on receipt of the order.


All prices and vintages shown in this trade Catalogue take in consideration the costs of transportation.


All orders are carefully checked before delivery. If a bottle of wine is considered defective, please notify us as soon as possible. The product should be returned at once for our examination.


A credit account can be opened on application of corporate customer with supporting documents. Credit amounts should be settled either in Hong Kong Dollars or in Euros by cash or cheque. The customer may pay in US Dollars or in Euros.


Each order is accompanied by an invoice/delivery note upon delivery. The duplicate copy should be signed and returned to our company.